Joint International Conference on Mathematics and Computation (M&C),
Supercomputing in Nuclear Applications (SNA) and the Monte Carlo (MC) Method

Monday Plenary Speakers
: Charlie Fazzino, Manager of High Performance Computing for ExxonMobil: "2015 Supercomputing in Nuclear Applications - Oil and Gas Overview" and Jess Gehin, Director, Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors "CASL: Progress on Light Water Reactor Modeling and Simulation and Plans for its Second Phase"

The Oak Ridge/Knoxville Section of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) will host and sponsor the FIRST combined Mathematics and Computations (M&C) ANS topical, with Supercomputing in Nuclear Applications (SNA) and Monte Carlo (MC) 2015. The joint international conference will be held at the Sheraton Music City in Nashville, Tennessee during the week of April 19-23, 2015. M&C is the latest in the series organized by the Mathematics and Computation Division of the American Nuclear Society. Prior to 2010, SNA and MC existed as separate conferences. In 2010, SNA and MC combined and held SNA+MC 2010 in Tokyo, Japan. This was followed by SNA+MC 2013 held in Paris, France.

The technical program will consist of plenary sessions, parallel oral presentation sessions, and poster sessions. There will also be several workshops, special sessions, and roundtable discussions requested and organized by participants.

Scope of the conference
The joint conference will provide an international review of the status and trends of research and applications in the field of numerical simulation and physical modeling for classical and advanced nuclear concepts, including the role and benefits of high-performance computing.
Particular emphasis will be placed on deterministic and Monte Carlo methods and their applications.

The main topics will be:
• Computational Methods Using High-Performance Computers
• Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport, Computational Thermal-hydraulics
• Computational Materials Sciences, Computational Plasma Physics/Fusion, Nuclear Reactor Analysis
• Radiation Physics, Particle Accelerator Physics, Computational Science, Deterministic and Monte Carlo Methods.
• Mathematical Methods in Safeguards and Nonproliferation.

Key Dates • News
April 14, 2015
RSVP Gelbard Scholarship Fundraising Event: Ongoing
Online Registration will close on Thursday, April 16 at Noon
Additional registration will be taken at the conference.
Conference: April 19-23, 2015
The organizing committee hopes you will make plans to join us for this outstanding conference.