Discussing education with your child, why not?

When your child is about six or seven years old, she will be ready to go to elementary school to continue her formal education. This milestone is important because she will start to develop her academic and social capability more than when she was in the kindergarten. In this step, you may ask her to visit several elementary schools in your town and ask her opinion about it. A little discussion can be done to share the positive and negative things about certain school. Or you may also suggest her to have homeschooling. Indeed, commonly parent is the one who will decide where and what school the child should attend. But, discussing first with your child will be better because your child is the one who will be affected.

Your child should understand the basic difference between home schooling activities and the other schools. At the beginning, your child perhaps does not understand yet. But you do not have to worry because she is on the way to understand and get the point of your explanation. Tell her why she needs to go to school or why she should have homeschooling. You have to be honest and do not tell a lie since it relates to her expectation. In addition, you may also explain the advantages of going to regular school and homeschooling. Both of them have their own advantages which will be beneficial for her. If she has cousins who go to regular school, let her know the story about the school from the cousins. Also, she deserves to get the story about homeschooling from the students’ perspective.

There is possibility that your child will ask you many questions. You have to know that she is very interested to something called school and homeschooling. So, try to answer the questions on the language that your child will understand. Let her know the difference and how can she handle the difficulties may happen. Perhaps, she feels confused about the choice, but you are on the right path by telling her the options. Many parents decide themselves what school their children will go and perhaps the choice is not the best one. Though your child is about six or seven years old, she deserves to know the options. She will be happy with the respect you gave her to decide the education system.